SRT Kits for Training

27 July 2021

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SRT Kits for CNCC Training Courses

This year has seen CNCC training opportunities galore, thanks to the enthusiasm of our Training Officer to put together a comprehensive catalogue of workshops covering SRT, rescue, rigging, leadership, photography, geology and others.

More dates are being announced all the time; see

To support future SRT training sessions, being able to provide kit is a huge advantage. The CNCC has just taken delivery of a batch of SRT kits formerly used in BCA training events. We have invested about £500 in these to bring them up to good standard, replacing some of the worn-out or out-of-specification components including the harnesses and cowstails.

We are now pleased to be able to offer four complete SRT kits to support future training events, with these of course being particularly useful for those who may not yet have been able to invest in their own equipment.

If you are signing up to any of our events and wish to use some CNCC kit, please let us know so we can reserve one for you. There will be a small hire charge for those using the kit for the entire day, to help towards their upkeep. The kit will also be available so pre-equipped cavers can play with individual components as alternatives to their usual setup.

This enables greater flexibility and opens training out to more people.

SRT Kits for TrainingSRT Kits for TrainingSRT Kits for Training