Three-Counties traverse

28 September 2021

On Saturday 25th September, and into the early hours of Sunday 26th, two cave divers, assisted by numerous supporters, successfully completed the through-trip from Large Pot (Masongill) to Top Sink (Ease Gill), thus performing for the first time a full Three-Counties traverse between the two furthest reaches of the navigable system.

This has been several months in the planning, involving re-lining of sumps and careful logistical arrangements to ensure the divers were met with the right kit and appropriate sustenance throughout their 18 hour journey. One could argue this has been several decades in the making, since the original Three Counties concept was proposed, and all the various connections, some wet, some dry, have been forged by determined diggers and divers. We would like to say a massive congratulations to the entire team for an excellent achievement, and one that will no doubt do wonders for raising public interest and perception of cave exploration.

An article has already appeared in the Daily Mail (one of their journalists was involved as a caver) featuring some great photos, and more media will no doubt be forthcoming. Brilliant news and a real testament to what cavers can achieve in terms of exploration, endurance, teamwork and planning.

Photo by kind permission of Mark Burkey. Click here for more photos.