Crackpot Cave description

18 November 2021

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We are pleased to now provide a description for Crackpot Cave in Swaledale.

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This splendid short cave really shows off everything great about caving, including some fun crawls, an outstanding main streamway, sizable chambers and nice formations. It is a great spot for well-prepared and careful novices, however, even experienced cavers will be hard-pressed to deny enjoying a visit.

The CNCC spent a lot of time over recent years cleaning up Crackpot Cave following decades of damage, and several areas can now be enjoyed reasonably close to their original natural beauty. Anyone visiting, particular with novices, is urged to use Crackpot Cave to explain and demonstrate the importance of cave conservation, to help ensure this remains a stunning place to inspire cavers and budding cavers for generations to come.

Any novices thinking about a trip, please remember some key messages:

  • Ideally go with an experienced caver if possible.
  • If not with an experienced caver, at the very least try to avoid going alone.
  • Always tell someone where you are going and agree a time by which you should report back.
  • Always wear a helmet and sturdy footwear (wellies are ideal but old walking boots are fine).
  • Take two independent and water-resistant light sources each (one helmet-mounted).
  • In the absence of proper caving gear, warm old clothes and a protective outer layer (e.g. a boiler suit or old waterproofs) are recommended.
  • During or after extremely wet weather, do not enter the streamway.
  • Respect the cave; do not touch formations, make any marks (e.g. arrows), leave anything behind or take anything away. Please leave the cave exactly as you found it.

For more detailed safety information click HERE and HERE.

If you are wanting to get more involved in caving, visit for loads more useful information.

Photos by Gary Douthwaite.

Crackpot Cave descriptionCrackpot Cave descriptionCrackpot Cave descriptionCrackpot Cave description