New CNCC website launched

12 December 2016

After several months of development, the new CNCC website has been launched today. There are loads of changes and useful features.

General appearance:

This has been modernised and freshened up a little. Mobile devices: The website is now fully compatible with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). Social media integration: For the past few years, the CNCC has had an active presence on Facebook and Twitter. The website has been more closely integrated into these social media sites. All those involved in northern caving are encouraged to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive news updates about access, conservation, training and any hazard warnings.

Cave descriptions:

The cave descriptions that were written specifically for EuroSpeleo have been modified and made available on the CNCC website cave info pages to download as PDF documents. For larger systems, such as Ease Gill and Gaping Gill, the description covers the entire system in one long document but has been broken down into subsections (by entrance or by route). Hopefully the way we have done this will allow you to pick just the pages relevant to your planned trip. There is a reporting tool for any inaccuracies that you identify, and for caves where a description is absent, there is a button at the bottom of the cave information page to submit a description of your own. All submitted descriptions should be written in the style of the existing ones (some guidelines are included when you click this button) to help ensure consistency.

Rigging topos:

Thanks to the kind permission of the CNCC Technical Group, all the rigging topos featured in the former CNCC rigging guides (and more recent excellent book, Northern Caving) are now available on the website to download as a PDF and print. Furthermore, with thanks to the IC anchor team, their rigging topos and descriptions can now be downloaded via the CNCC website as well as their own website. As with the descriptions, there is a tool to report any topo inaccuracies or errors (e.g. if you find any of the rope lengths to be too short).

Cave information:

To access: Just search for any cave on the website homepage or caves list The layout of each individual cave information page has been redesigned. This is partly to include the rigging topos and descriptions, but also to put greater emphasis on any warnings cavers should be aware of, which will now appear in a red box at the top of the page. These warnings do not cover the kinds of normal hazards you would expect in caves; nor can they ever be fully comprehensive or a substitute for appropriate care and caution on a trip, but they will help to provide information of any unique hazard that the CNCC has been made aware of. Recent examples include the current state of the entrance to Penyghent Pot, some loose anchors in Bull Pot and a recent collapse of one of the pitch heads in Christmas Pot, all of which may necessitate additional care beyond what might normally be considered. There is also a function to submit a report of any such hazards you encounter to allow us to share these with other cavers.

Caves area map:

The new map function in the cave info section will help you to search for caves by area; just click on any of the cave pegs to take you to information about that cave. Conservation section: The conservation page was recently launched on the previous version of the website, but I am taking this opportunity to promote it again. There is a wealth of information including the BCA’s Minimal Impact Caving Code and the digging guidelines for SSSIs. There is also and information on how to get involved in CNCC-organised cave conservation initiatives (including lots of FAQs), and a function to report any conservation project that you feel we should be considering.

Fixed aids section:

The website now has a dedicated fixed aids section, which predominantly includes lots of information on anchors, including history, types and locations, as well as safety recommendations for when using anchors. There is a function to report any defective anchors which we would encourage you to use should you encounter any. Elsewhere: Lots of other content across the website has been updated and some historical content removed. The ‘Get Involved’ section has been rewritten and provides clear information to anyone looking to get more involved with the CNCC either as a club or an individual, including updated job descriptions for all the Officer roles and information about the new Individual Caver Representative role.

Any feedback or questions on specific website content is welcome; Furthermore, if you find any bugs with the new website please email