CNCC Exploration Grants

CNCC Exploration Grants

The CNCC welcomes applications for exploration grants across the areas we represent (northern England and Scotland), as part of an initiative to support those who seek to further our knowledge of northern caves and discover new places that others might enjoy.

Funding is primarily intended to help cover costs associated to procurement of materials and consumable items or equipment hire, but other costs will be considered.

To make an application, we will require a summary of your project including the nature of the work you are seeking funding for (e.g. shaft sinking, stabilisation, underground digging, diving, pitch scaling, conservation, surveying), project timeframes, the amount you need and, as accurately as possible, a costs breakdown of how this is going to be spent.

All applications will be decided by CNCC Committee.

Any project receiving CNCC funding must show that all necessary permissions are in place, including Landowner and/or Natural England consent where appropriate. Applications must include a conservation plan to show that all relevant aspects of conservation have been considered. This includes spoil management, precautions to minimise the impact of your work, preservation of new discoveries, restoration and cleanup of the site once work is completed, and making surface entrances safe for people and livestock.

It is important for CNCC to be transparent and publish details of projects receiving funding. Grant recipients are expected to provide follow-up on how the project has gone (or is going) once some reasonable progress has been made. The exact expectations associated to each grant may vary on a project-by-project basis.

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