Advanced SRT rescue

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Date: February 12th 2022

Location: Settle

Cost: £25

Booking Deadline: 10 December 2021


If you have  attended a recent CNNC rescue workshop and would like  the opportunity to recap those skills and techiques and then progress to other advanced techniques which will allow you to deal with more demanding situations. 


Suitable for

For those that have already attended a CNCC SRT rescue workshop 

Format:    A one day workshop, based indoors


• Recap on Hauling

• Practice of traverse rescues

• Cut and lower rescues 

• Mid rope lower rescues

• “Snatch” rescues

• Passing re belays and deviations with a casualty

• larger scale "team" type hauls. (More equipment and people  available.)


Normal SRT rig


Optional but very useful:
Micro traxion or normal traxion 

Standard pulleys 

Screwgate carabiners 


Ian Patrick

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Sorry, this course is now full.