Digital Cave Surveying for Dummies

24 Feb 2024 (2 days)
YSS at Helwith Bridge, Ribblesdale

Yes, finally there is a course which you can attend, which is run by Dummies for Dummies. 

Well nearly. We have a technical adviser on-board in case of any technical infractions.


We learned the hard way, grateful for all of the  kind assistance we could muster but now we know and understand the elephant traps that you will inevitably succumb to.

Who is the course for?  Well:

if you have NO experience whatsoever of any kind of cave surveying, but you want/need to find out how it’s done using modern instruments and software, it’s for you!

If you have lots of experience cave surveying with compass,clinometer, tape measure, graph paper and Rotring pens etc, but ZERO knowledge of surveying with electronic instruments and drawing in the software environment, yes this is your chance to find out how.

If you have any experience of using electronic survey equipment and software to produce cave survey, then this is NOT FOR YOU. Sorry but you’ll learn nothing new to you.

What might be achieved.

Learn how to gather survey data using modern instruments and the straightforward software, SexyTopo.

Learn how to export this data to Therion, a powerful survey drawing tool.

Learn how to draw the cave survey including floor details etc.

Learn how to output the drawing as a publishable shareable pdf survey file.

Learn how to display your survey on Google Earth

Understand how this all fits together so that you can keep goingforward to more complex projects.

Become able to converse intelligibly, when seeking advice, as you proceed to tackle more complex caves, especially when you need help to solve problems and resolve errors.

Understand what is being discussed in relevant cave survey forums, blogs etc.

How will we do this on a two-day course:

First Part: A practical introduction to using instruments to gather, export and store data.

Second part. Using a given data set, learn how produce pdf plan and elevation drawings using Therion.

If this is for you, more detailed joining instructions will be provided. Minimum gear is an android phone or tablet and a laptop. None of this will go underground on the course.

If you are serious then the phone or tablet will eventually be going with you into the deep dark drippy muddy dungeons underneath your favourite hills. We can help with equipment advice.

Alan, Alastair and Tom.

Meeting instruction: 9.30am at the YSS

Please Note: On completion of a successful booking you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal. (This email from Paypal is your confirmation that you are booked on the workshop)

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds or transfer of workshops. However if you are unable to attend you are welcome to pass your place onto someone else.


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