A 2 Day Photography workshop with Mark Burkey


14 Aug 2021 (2 days)
YSS - The Old School House Helwith Bridge

An incredible opportunity to spend 2 days with award winning and renowned cave photographer Mark Burkey.

This workshop is aimed at anyone who is looking to move on from point n click camera's to DSLR type photography through to reasonably experienced photographers that are just looking to see other ideas.

Format :
DAY 1:

A breakdown of each piece of kit you need and the different options available.
Selecting the right kit for the type of photography you want to do, and how this can change and be adapted dependent on the trip (I.e photographing a pitch shot is very different from shooting a large chamber, which is different to taking macro shots of formations and so on)

How to protect you expensive toys when caving. Again different options for dry walking trips than diving sumps, or tough arduous passages

Light Sources:
Use of strobes, fixed light, bulbs, light painting and tip n tricks when doing each and again the various options out there.

Making the most of your team:
Tips on how to brief your helpers on using your kit and stop them getting 'too' cold and bored.

At the end of this Mark will give a slide show of examples and tips of how to light different types of shots and the mistakes to avoid.

After this its time to head underground to put some of the above in to practice.


Review and discuss the shots taken from the previous day.

Head back underground to try and put everything learnt in to practice, finish the day with a return to the hut to review what has been learnt over the weekend and look at post processing options when shooting in JPG or RAW formats.

It would be most beneficial to bring your own kit set up, to discuss how to get the most out of it. Mark will also bring a spare DSLR, Lenses, strobes, bulbs, torches etc for people to try so they can also have a try with kit they may not have.