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Caving is an adventure activity full of physical challenges and an outlet for a real explorer’s spirit, not to mention a great way to keep fit. It is an experience of nature unlike any other - not just close to nature but within nature itself. The experience is incredibly rewarding where magical sights, thousands of years in the making, sculpted rocks and the delicate formations are a joy to behold.

I'm interested, so what's the next steps?

About Caving

First and foremost, take a few minutes to read the New to Caving website produced by the British Caving Association. It gives you an overview of what caving is all about, the equipment we use, and what to expect on your first trips.


Find out more about how CNCC can help you try caving

Download and read our leaflet which explains how CNCC-partnered new-to-caving workshops in the Yorkshire Dales can help you get started.

CNCC New to Caving Download
CNCC New to Caving

Sign-up for a Workshop

If our new to caving workshops sound like they might work for you, why not sign up to one below? For absolute novices who have yet to venture underground for the first time, select one of our 'Experience Caving' events. For anyone keen to take the next steps after your first trip underground, you may find one of our 'New to SRT' workshops a useful first step to learn the necessary underground ropework skills for more advanced trips. More dates are being added regularly so keep checking back.

Upcoming workshops and sessions:

02 Mar 2024 - New to caving - Try caving hosted by The Craven Pothole Club

Suitable for anyone who wants try caving for the first time and possibly take it up as a hobby. A chance to experience the incredible underground world of the Yorkshire Dales. Hosted by the Craven Pothole Club, this day is for anyone who thinks they would like to take up caving and would like to experience it and find out...

Info and booking

Connect with a local caving club

Did you enjoy your introductory session? Want to take it further? The best and safest way to progress your caving further is to join a local caving club. You will have the benefit of lots of experience and advice, access to kit, and most importantly, a great new group of friends to go caving with!

Below is a list of CNCC member clubs who are happy to take novices. Get in touch with them for joining information.

Want your club listed? Email:

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