20 December 2020

Stabilising Knacker Trapper

Knacker Trapper Day One

In early December, the CNCC received a warning that the entrance climb into Knacker Trapper Hole was dangerously unstable.

We immediately issued this warning to cavers.

We know that Knacker Trapper is a popular trip thanks to inclusion in Not for the Faint Hearted and owing to its minimalist tackle requirements. We therefore started to investigate whether this is something we might be able to help resolve.

Within a week, our Conservation Officer had assembled a team from our mailing list of volunteers, as well as putting together all the necessary risk assessments for the job (something that is even more complicated than usual now owing to Covid considerations).

The team met on Sunday 20th December and headed up to the entrance, assisted by Andrew Hinde who was able to transport equipment to the site.

The entrance was opened out and good progress was made despite cold conditions and some heavy showers. Although lots of groundwork was completed, the entrance remains unstable and we currently advise against access. A return trip is planned (hopefully in the very near future) to finish the job and install a pipe entrance.

We’ll keep you updated and compile a more comprehensive write-up once work is complete.

Many thanks to the conservation team for their swift response.

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