8 December 2021

New rigging topos

Topos for Curtain Pot, Scanty Lardos Pot and Pasture Gill Pot

We’re pleased to publish three new rigging topos and a new cave description on our website:

  • Scanty Lardos Pot near Halton Gill was a fine recent discovery. It benefits from being by the side of the road, is open access, and now fully anchored.
  • Curtain Pot on Fountains Fell is certainly a remote spot, and must surely fit the northern England top-ten list of hard-to-find potholes. Being an hour walk from Dale Head, you would be right to wonder whether it is worth the effort. We can definitively confirm that it is! Curtain Pot sports 12 short and mostly spacious pitches, climbs, plenty of horizontal development, some good formations, impressive passages, and (shock horror), it isn’t anywhere near as difficult as many of its nearby siblings (Strangle Pot, Hammer Pot etc) which deter many cavers from the area. A trip down Curtain Pot is a fabulous and long adventure and we are delighted to now include a rigging topo AND a route description on our website.
  • Pasture Gill Pot in Langstrothdale was popularised by Mike Cooper’s 'Not For The Faint Hearted' guidebook. This challenging pothole offers a diversity of caving situations and rewards. Anchoring started several years ago, but has recently been completed, and we are pleased to include a rigging topo on our website. A good route description can be found in Mike’s book (although we would be happy to host one too).

Thank you to our anchor installer team for their top notch efforts to make these three excellent caves able to be enjoyed on safe anchors.

Photo; The well decorated main passage in Curtain Pot, Fountains Fell (by Gary Douthwaite)