21 December 2021

Wretched Rabbit quick update

We are aware that it has been some time since we first reported the issues at Wretched Rabbit.

See the original full story here.

Since then, we have strongly discouraged visitors from using the Wretched Rabbit entrance to Ease Gill Caverns, and we have closed this as an option on the online booking system, such is the nature of the instability at the entrance.

We have heard that the timbers placed to block the entrance (not by CNCC) have been removed suggesting groups have been using the entrance. While it is encouraging that there has been no significant new rockfall since the previous clearing sessions, we are informed that the entire cliff above the entrance, and the roof slabs within the entrance remain in a perilous state. For this reason we continue to advise against use of Wretched Rabbit entrance, particularly as freeze-thaw fracturing is likely to make the situation worse over coming months.

We have been informed that the scope of remedial work is quite large (i.e. this isn't just a case of a few sessions of work).

We understand that a group will be presenting a plan to the January 15th CNCC Committee meeting, and of course, CNCC will no doubt do everything possible to expedite and assist the works to make this much-valued entrance to the system safe again. In the meantime, this remains an excellent opportunity to brush up on your navigation through County Pot instead (Manchester Bypass, Upper Trident route, or the classic Poetic Justice), or even Boundary Pot in dry conditions, the latter offering a spectacular tackle-free route into the system. Descriptions for both can be found on our website.

We hope to bring you more news early next year.