24 February 2022

Loose boulder removed at Bull Pot of the Witches

Only a week ago on 18th February, CNCC publicised a report about dangerous fallen boulders poised above the climb into Burnett's Great Cavern in Bull Pot of the Witches.

On Sunday 20th February, a small party went to have a look at the offending blocks. Paul Moore reported that there was a small boulder (top left in the first photo) which they trundled out of the way and then reduced in size and stacked, however there was a much bigger slab (underneath, across the middle of the photo) which caused the greatest concern.

They found this larger slab to be fairly well placed but with some movement, which was concerning as it was at the exact point you climb over and could easily be dislodged. A return trip would be necessary to deal with this.

The team returned a few days later and were able to reduce the boulder to rubble, which was then stacked, packed and generally made safe.

The first two photos shows the offending boulders, perched precariously above the climb, and the second two photos show the boulder slope after removal of the offending blocks.

Our thanks to Paul Moore for keeping us updated on progress and supplying these photos, and the entire team for their efforts and for reacting so quickly. Excellent work!

Bull Pot of the Witches is sometimes overlooked in favour of the wider Ease Gill Caverns system and its various through-trips. However, BPOTW offers a really varied adventure, with some hidden formations (including the Gour Chambers), and a diversity of short pitches or climbs, coupled with the benefit of a short walk. For anyone guilty of overlooking it, we highly recommend BPOTW as an excellent trip.