8 August 2022

Ash Dieback warnings

Care needed at Bull Pot of the Witches and Alum Pot

Ash Dieback continues to affect a number of Ash trees across our region, and in the last few weeks, two cave entrances that are badly affected have been brought to our attention.

At Bull Pot of the Witches, the tree often used for rigging of the Direct Route has Dieback and dead branches are already dropping off; The whole tree may drop at some point. Cavers visiting this pothole should identify an alternative safe route of descent (e.g. Chimney Route).

At Alum Pot (see photo), several trees have been affected and are in a critical condition (i.e. dead). They are likely to start dropping branches soon and may even get uprooted and fall down the shaft. Check the status carefully before descending, consider avoiding Alum Pot altogether during particularly gusty winds until the issue is sorted, and of course, don't use them for rigging!

The CNCC is looking into remedial action, and if achieved, the warnings currently on the website for the above two caves will be removed. 

Photo: Ash Dieback at Alum Pot, by Andrew Hinde

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