23 July 2023

Autumn new-to-caving events

Autumn new-to-caving events

We are pleased to be supporting the Yorkshire Subterranean Society (YSS) and Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club (RRCPC) this autumn with the running of three ‘New to Caving’ events.

  • 2-3rd September: Two-day session hosted by YSS
  • 30th September: One-day session hosted by RRCPC
  • 4-5th November: Two-day session hosted by YSS

These are fantastic events for anyone seeking an opportunity to get involved in caving, to get a fully comprehensive introduction, to meet people in a friendly and welcoming environment and of course to have a taster session or two underground, to see what caving is really like.

Please note that these sessions are not suitable for parties, corporate events or similar.

Specifics for each event, including…

  • A rough itinerary
  • Things you need to bring
  • Requirements for attendees
  • Contact details for the organising club (for any questions) 
  • Event signup 

…can be found via our new-to-caving webpage.

The CNCC is proud to promote these sessions and facilitate signup, but once this is done, we hand over to the organising club who will contact attendees and take things from there.

We appreciate that many readers will already be experienced cavers. However, we know that many cavers may have friends who are interested, or your club may get contacted by novices, who perhaps you aren’t able to accommodate due to lack of time or equipment. In these situations, why not direct them to one of the above events?

Photo courtesy of Gary Douthwaite

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