14 May 2023

CNCC Newsletter 13 - May 2023

Newsletter #13, May 2023 is out now

We're delighted to publish our longest newsletter to date, coming in a 12 pages full of news on northern cave access, conservation, training, anchoring and more:

  • New Mongo Gill Hole access details
  • Summary of access to the caves around High Birkwith
  • Updates from the 2023 CNCC AGM
  • Entrance repairs and warnings at several caves
  • Tree work at Barbon Pot, Death's Head Hole and Bull Pot of the Witches
  • Installation of new anchors and planting of trees at Death's Head Hole
  • Successful new-to-caving and new-to-SRT training workshops
  • Rigging topo and route description updates
  • And much more

Download it from our publications page.

We know that in these days of social media and our own mailing list, you may have seen many of these stories already on a more as-they-happened basis. However, we love putting together our full newsletters, as they demonstrate both the diversity and frequency of our work in one placeā€¦ you could call it a compilation!

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the various projects. Without your volunteering, such newsletters simply wouldn't be possible.

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