3 January 2024

Five Ways Pot anchored

Five Ways Pot anchoring complete.

Our installers have now completed work to anchor Five Ways Pot, a 2022 new discovery on Dowlass Moss.

Work started in November and was completed on 30th December (following a 6am start from our installers to beat the torrential rain forecast for later that day). We have now published the topo and a route description on our website.

FIVE WAYS POT - Information, topo and description. 

The team (with agreement from the explorers) have removed all exploration ropes and hangers.

This is a splendid 7-pitch pothole, nothing too difficult, but with plenty of variety and interest. Furthermore, Five Ways Pot is explorable in fairly wet weather, although in wet conditions one of the climbs and the second pitch (Blade Runner) become rather splashy. It remains possible that in ultra-severe weather it could become hazardous.

We are confident this is going to become a really popular trip over the coming years.

To complement this we have added a route description for neighbouring Mayday Hole to our website. This is another popular wet-weather trip on Dowlass Moss, discovered by the same team only a year before Five Ways Pot. The topo for Mayday Hole has been online for some time, but a route description was not written at the time. This has now been rectified (although the navigation is very straightforward).

Thank you to everyone involved in getting this excellent cave ready for others to enjoy.

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