7 August 2017

Penyghent Pot entrance complete

Work to re-stabilise the entrance to Penyghent Pot was completed yesterday.

All of the old scaffolding has been removed (some of it was in a very bad state and had to be cut out) and new scaffolding has been installed. Larger blocks further down the shaft that had become mobile have been stabilised with lintels as best as possible.

A new mesh lid has been fitted to make it sheep-proof.

Anyone visiting this cave is strongly advised to pay particular attention and to check for loose rocks on the descent; despite all our best efforts, there may still be some loose debris, or more rocks may become loose as the new entrance and scaffold beds itself in. You must make your own judgement as to whether it is safe and appropriate to descend. Please report any observations to the CNCC and check for warnings of such observations on the Penyghent Pot webpage before any trips:


Many thanks to those who have put in work (in some pretty rotten weather at times), including volunteers from ULSA, NPC, BPC and the CNCC, the Stories in Stone project, and thanks to Mike Cooper for funding this from sales of Not for the Faint Hearted.

A full report with photographs of the work being done will appear on our website in due course and in a future edition of our newsletter.

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