25 September 2023

Venture Underground leaflets

Venture Underground Leaflets

Over the last year, the CNCC has been leading an initiative to support local cavers to run ‘try caving’ events.

This started back in February, with our inaugural event run by the Craven Pothole Club (click here for a report). More recently we have seen events by the Yorkshire Subterranean Society and Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club, and we are looking for hosts for future events.

These events provide an opportunity to try caving as part of a friendly and educational day with local cavers. We hope they remove barriers to people learning more about caving and finding out whether it is the right hobby for them.

To promote future sessions, we have produced some glossy leaflets and posters!

We are keen to get these leaflets into appropriate venues as well as into the hands of anyone who frequently meets people looking to try caving for the first time, as a useful resource to give out. If you would like some, please get in touch with our PR/Communications Officer (pr@cncc.org.uk) and we can arrange postage.

We hope these will be particularly useful at future Gaping Gill winchmeets and at our showcaves, but are keen to get them into any venues where people might be pondering caving as a potential hobby.

For anyone wanting to share the leaflet digitally, it is on our new-to-caving page, or download it HERE.

Finally, if you would be interested in running one of these events in partnership with CNCC, please contact our Training Officer (training@cncc.org.uk). The CNCC will advertise your session, organise signup, collect payment, and provide materials to assist with the educational aspect of the experience. You can then contact participants directly a week before the event to introduce yourselves as the organising club/group and to confirm final arrangements.

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