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Club Membership

Our full member clubs can vote at our AGM, will be called upon for input on any serious matters that arise through the year and will receive email notifications and updates. If your club is not already a full member you can apply using our online form.

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Each year up to fourteen of our full member clubs and a representative for non-club cavers can be elected to the CNCC Committee, who then meet at least three times a year to work in the best interests of our member clubs and northern cavers.

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Our officers work hard to perform the day to day functions of the CNCC. They advise, make recommendations, and carry out the wishes of the Committee. This is a real chance to make a big difference to northern caving, and anyone interested should contact our Secretary for more information.

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The CNCC also welcomes input from any individual or other organisation, regardless of club affiliation. Our meetings are open for any interested people to turn up and the agenda for all meetings is always published at least six weeks before each meeting on this website.

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Conservation Volunteer

The CNCC relies of a pool of conservation volunteers to work on our conservation projects.

We are always looking for new volunteers to call upon for upcoming projects. Therefore, if you can spare a day or two (or more) now and again to help out, and become part of a fantastic community, please register with us as a CNCC conservation volunteer. 

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