Use of This Website

The term "website" used herein reffers to or any of it's sub-dmains.

This website aims to provide up to date information on cave access details. These details are based on our most recent information we have available, and are correct to the best of our knowledge.

However, it must be remembered that as land changes hands, access restrictions can change without our knowledge. In many sites, indications of access availability on this website is based on our current understanding of the situation or the wishes of the landowner, and does not mean you have any RIGHT of access to the land. If challenged by a landowner you should not quote the information here as an authority on land access.

Any cave descriptions and anchor details found on this website are intended for use by experienced caves only. While every effort has been made to ensure these are correct, errors may occur and natural features may change over time. Furthermore, any flood warnings given or specific dangers discussed must be judged by experienced cavers and cross referenced against other sources of information as part of thorough advanced research about your trip. If you have any doubt about the suitability or safety of any caving trip for whatever reason, do not go on that trip!

Absence of any specific warnings should NEVER be assumed to mean there are no hazards in the cave. All caving groups should be led by an experienced caver who should perform appropriate risk assessments and research from multiple sources about any caving trip, check weather forecasts, and progress through the cave with appropriate respect for any potential unforeseen hazards that may arise. The CNCC takes no responsibility for the decisions YOU make when going underground.

Every effort is made to make sure the cave details on this site are up to date. If you find information that you think is incorrect, please contact the webmaster (details on the contacts page).

More information about using this website can be found in our legal documents: