10 December 2023

CNCC Newsletter 14 - December 2023

We’re pleased to publish our latest newsletter for December 2023

With CNCC regularly reporting news as-it-happens on UKCaving, Facebook and via our own mailing lists, the newsletter serves as a compilation of several months of work. We have stories spanning conservation, anchoring, training, access, promoting caving, amongst others.

This newsletter features a slightly new look, under the name ‘Northern Caving’.

We are pleased to use this issue to launch our exploration grant scheme, which aims to reduce financial barriers to people getting involved in new exploration. 

This newsletter also includes a reminder of the CNCC’s new-to-caving initiative, including our ‘Venture Underground’ leaflets and posters, of which we have 1000’s of ready for distribution. The first event for 2024 has now been confirmed as 2nd March, thanks to the Craven Pothole Club, so if you know, or are contacted by anyone who is keen to try caving as a potential new hobby, but you cannot take them caving yourselves, this is a great event to recommend to them.

A reminder that our Venture Underground leaflet is also available via our new to caving page.

Physical copies of the newsletter will be posted this week to all usual recipients (including most caving huts) and should arrive before Christmas.

There’s plenty currently going on in CNCC that should ensure the next newsletter (around spring next year) will be packed. This includes appointment of an inclusivity and diversity representative, considering a potential change of name (retaining the CNCC initials), debates on fixed aids, and more.

Finally, our website is undergoing a few minor revamps. This has started with the ‘About’ tab having now changed to ‘Resources’ to reflect this section now encompassing far more than just information about who we are. This section includes lots of useful information about safety and cave rescue, our assets list (which catalogues CNCC-owned kit that might be useful to cavers performing conservation work), press and media information, a list of caving club bunkbarns, and more recently, our exploration grants scheme with an online application form.

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