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Updated: 26th March 2021 -

Working Together for Northern Caving

The CNCC is the regional council of the British Caving Association for northern England and Scotland, and the representative body for caving clubs in these regions. Working with landowners to achieve greater access for cavers, as well as providing resin anchor placement and conservation coordination. Read more...

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4 April 2021
Wretched Rabbit Closed
The Wretched Rabbit entrance to Ease Gill Caverns is currently closed. Following our previous news story just a few days ago (click here), some Red Rose CPC members have been to...
31 March 2021
Rockfall at Wretched Rabbit
We have received news of a further rockfall at the entrance to Wretched Rabbit in Ease Gill. One large block has recently fallen, partially blocking the entrance, and others are...
26 March 2021
AGM 2021 Outcomes
The CNCC 2021 AGM took place on Zoom on 20th March The meeting was attended by 33 people (not bad at all), including 16 of our member clubs, and had a...
22 February 2021
Rockfall in Notts Pot
The CNCC has received a report of a rockfall in the rift between Centre and Adamson's routes in Notts Pot. To quote the reporter: "The rock fall is in the rift...

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