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Updated: 26th March 2021 -

Working Together for Northern Caving

The CNCC is the regional council of the British Caving Association for northern England and Scotland, and the representative body for caving clubs in these regions. Working with landowners to achieve greater access for cavers, as well as providing resin anchor placement and conservation coordination. Read more...

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3 May 2021
New Rigging Topos
New anchors at Newby Moss Cave, Broken Finger Pot and Langcliffe Pot Our anchor installers have been busy over the past several months. We've already reported on the excellent work of...
29 April 2021
More anchor replacements
About three years ago, the CNCC held a lengthy discussion about anchors, and we decided a scheme was needed to enable cavers to report anchors which were showing defects, such...
25 April 2021
CNCC Training 2021
Our Training Officer has had a rough first year in the role, with all attempts to organise events thwarted by Covid, including the much anticipated (and fully booked) SRT refresher...
19 April 2021
Great Douk Collapse
Shakehole collapse into Greak Douk Cave We have received news that a newly opened shakehole has broken into the main stream passage of Great Douk Cave near Chapel-le-Dale (see photos, above...

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